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Greetings from Southern New Hampshire University

I am currently a sophomore at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) which is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. SNHU has been a major change. I completed my freshmen year at Manhattan College on an almost fully covered scholarship. However, I knew that I wanted a different experience, that's when I decided to reapply to SNHU. I was granted a wonderful financial aid package. My experience at SNHU has been amazing and I've been able to adapt to the environment of the school easily as it is very welcoming. I've been offered many opportunities. I was recently awarded a Resident Assistant job and scholarship. Resident Assistants are the community builders within the dorms and supervise dorms assigned on campus.

I am apart of a club on campus called HRSA (Human Resource Student Association) we seek to provide students with HR related experience and networking opportunities. BOSS prepared me well for college. I think that the CTE classes have more importance than I realized. Coming to college it was shocking to see how many students have never written a resume or a cover letter. These were things I began doing very early on within my CTE classes. I definitely believe that the pace and rigorous work in Ms. Walker' class help prepare me for the college pace in general. Everything I was learning junior year in Ms.

Johnnylex at Southern New Hampshire University

Sanchez's class repeated my freshmen year of college. It made me feel prepared and ready. I think that encouraging the internships senior year for boss students is important because when you get to college there is an important emphasis on getting internships.

ROTC definitely played a major role in my preparation for college. The community service completed helped me learn about diversity and community. The support from people like Mr. Daniels and Mr. Dobransky was also a great help. I appreciated the opportunities awarded to me such as Student Government, Borough Student Advisory Council (BSAC), Morgan Stanley, and iMentor.

I've attached a recent photo of me at school. I hope the BOSS community is well and student government continues to be a success!

Best Wishes,

Johnnylex Jimenez (BOSS Class of 2017)

Law & Politics Major

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