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About Us

As a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school, BOSS reflects New York City’s vision of quality, relevant schools preparing students for 21st century standards. With ten pro sports teams, hundreds of minor league, community, and college athletic programs and venues, countless print, broadcast, and internet media outlets, and thousands of advertisers and sponsors, the city’s sports management and media industry offers countless career paths for young people who graduate high school with a foundation in reading and writing, technical business skills, and an understanding of professional conduct.

Real-life challenges and issues are integrated into every area of the curriculum, so that graduates leave with first-hand knowledge of the sports industry, the foundation of their own business networks, workforce skills, the ability to handle college-level coursework in each academic area, and experience working with top professionals in the field. The exciting world of management and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on sports (including venue management, advertising, journalism, publishing, and merchandising), provides an accessible framework to engage students’ interests.

We integrate CTE and Regents-level academic instruction, encompassing the following design principles:

  • We offer a coherent program of study that promotes student success in both the workforce and in college and do not delineate between students’ academic and business classes. Rather, in every class, we emphasize workforce competencies focused on interpersonal skills, understanding of business principles, and clarity of communication, including public speaking, presenting, synthesis of research, and writing persuasively. Multi-step, authentic problems of the complexity and rigor that professionals encounter in the workplace will build 21st Century skills and assess student progress towards industry standards.

  • We establish active, substantive relationships with our industry partners and advisors, including an Industry Advisory Board. Our corporate partners have meaningful involvement in all aspects of school life, including curriculum development, establishment of our afternoon electives program, professional learning, and parent support and outreach. All teachers will interact with industry and community partners to develop courses and assignments that directly address 21st Century standards for learning.

  • We offer all students opportunities for internships in the sports, journalism, and business industries so that they can apply their academic and technical skills in a real-world setting, and begin developing a professional network. The internships will be structured with substantive assignments that build on problem-based learning in the classroom and fulfill requirements toward graduation.

  • We serve students of all performance levels and backgrounds. The program is targeted to meet the needs of all students who choose BOSS as their first preference for high school (selected by lottery). Many of our students — like students across the city — enter high school below grade level in reading and math and are of backgrounds historically underrepresented in business and management careers. They will graduate with the confidence that they can succeed amid the competition and demands of the professional workplace.


Our support for our students emphasizes strategies for success, workforce skills, internship preparation, and career and college readiness. Through nurturing advisories, targeted support, and guidance in career development, our students will gain the confidence to take academic and social risks and build their professional networks.

This school addresses an urgent need. An estimated 140,000 New York City teenagers are currently two or more years behind in school or have already dropped out. Developing schools that successfully educate many more students to succeed in high school and beyond demands more relevant curriculum and increased innovation and involvement of the corporate community.

Furthermore, interest in Career and Technical Education is growing throughout the country among business leaders, policymakers, and educators who have discovered the benefits of connecting academic learning to relevant career education. Both Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor de Blasio have made innovation in Career and Technical Education a citywide priority, noting that rapid changes in the global economy demand more complex skills. The Business of Sports School gives young people of New York a running start towards success in one of the city’s most important—and exciting—industries.

Our Vision

Our vision was founded on the belief that all young people should be prepared for high-skill and high wage-careers, engage in quality learning experiences, and exhibit college and career readiness upon graduation from high school. We prepare our students for meaningful career pathways in the business industry and readiness to compete in the 21st century workforce with critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

We use the shared language and interest in sports to focus students on obtaining technical business skills and certifications. Our students will graduate ready to pursue careers and/or training in a variety of professions including business analysts, journalists, accountants, advertising managers, and entrepreneurs.

Students participate in a rigorous and relevant program of studies that build business management and administration competencies within a core academic curriculum related to the sports and entertainment industry. Students will have opportunities for real-world learning in the sports and business community through internships, job shadowing, and career days with our numerous partners.


By the end of senior year, graduates will be prepared to make informed post-secondary choices that foster student success, and include options leading to acceptance to a two- or four-year college and a meaningful professional career.

Our Vision

Our History

Business of Sports School opened in September 2009 as a public, unscreened high school with the support of New Visions for Public Schools and F·E·G·S. BOSS is a member of the innovative New Visions affinity group and is based on a Career & Technical Education (CTE) model and highly personalized small-school structure. BOSS was a full high school of 432 students from 9th to 12th grade by 2013 and the first alumni graduated college in 2017.


The original concept of BOSS was inspired by the Mayoral Task Force on Career and Technical Education (CTE), which called for new, creative ways to prepare students for the careers of 21st Century. A planning team of teachers, administrators, sports industry professionals, and representatives from New Visions, ESPN The Magazine, and F·E·G·S designed and proposed the BOSS concept during Fall 2008 and the official announcement by the New York City Department of Education in February 2009 was covered by media and sports blogs around the country.


As part of the Mayor’s integration initiative, in 2017 BOSS moved to an Education Option (Ed-Opt) admissions method, where 50% of the entering class is partially screened and half is admitted on a lottery basis without regard to background or academic record. BOSS receives approximately 1,600 applications for each of its entering classes. 


BOSS is one of the only New York State-approved CTE programs to focus on sports business. Students fulfill the Virtual Enterprise (VE) program sequence, which offers students a full CTE Business Entrepreneurship curriculum that includes industry certification in Microsoft applications, national and international expositions, in-depth business simulations and competitions, and college-level business classes, culminating in a New York State endorsement in Business and Marketing. In 2013, the New York State Business Teachers Association awarded BOSS New York City Business Department of the Year (under 500 students). In 2020, BOSS was selected as a NAF “Distinguished Academy of Finance.”


BOSS offers a dedicated, highly-trained college adviser through the CollegeBound Initiative, one of the most successful college access programs in New York. In 2013, BOSS became a member of the iMentor network, which provides a one-to-one professional mentor to every entering 9th grade student. BOSS students are also mentored through our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters.


The school is one of five schools within the Graphics Campus in midtown Manhattan. In addition to regular public funding, BOSS has been awarded grants by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the FILA Foundation, UJA Sports for Youth Foundation, the Ford Foundation Good Neighbor Fund, and many other foundations. BOSS is also supported by an Industry Advisory Board and a Young Professionals Leadership Committee of sports and business professionals.

Our History

Industry Advisory Board

Mark Doman, The Doman Group (Co-Chair)

Jeff Henderson, AndThem (Co-Chair)

Steve Horowitz, Inner Circle Sports (Co-Chair)

Jamar Adams, The Related Companies

Matt Arden, NBA 2K League

David Becker, A-Rod Corp.

Tara Bellevue, NAF

Adolpho Birch, Tennessee Titans

Bess Brodsky, Columbia University Sports Management

Jonathan Casillas, New York Giants (ret.)

Ishwara Glassman Chrein

Marie DeParis, SportsNet New York (SNY)

Len Elmore, Attorney/Broadcaster

Joe Favorito, Sports Marketing & PR Roundup

Brett Goldberg, Tick Pick

Gary Hoenig

Ray Katz, Collegiate Sports Management Group

Rob King

Jae Lee, Museum of Modern Art

Ken Mack, CBS Sports

Leigh Manheim, Coach

Derek Melvin, Morgan Stanley

Anmol Malhotra, Snapchat

Jamil Northcutt, Major League Soccer

Joannitte Rodriguez, NBA

Scott Schiamberg, Perkins Eastman

Michael Schrieber, Cassena Care

Mark Tanner

Adam Thier. FitLore

Lisa Travatello, GenYouth

Young Professional Advisory Committee

Brody Mankus, Excel Sports Management (Co-Chair)

Kenlyn Tyree, DKC (Co-Chair)

Quentin Ayukesong, Latham & Watkins

Liana Bailey, NFL

Anne Dovolis, WNBA

Hallie Greitzer, BCG

Murphee Greeley, CAA

Greg Guerman, NBA

Cori Hanky

Katie Hasley, Excel Sports Management

Eric Jackson, Sportico

Marissa Marshall, The SpringHill Company

Cody Nastasia, New York Road Runners

Ali Nicolas, Overtime

Emony Robertson (BOSS '13), Akin Gump

Scott Savran, Horizon Sports & Entertainment

Chris Schuler, Major League Soccer

Jack Slingland, Tick Pick

Christine Stromberg, USTA

Jerry Ugokwe, Goldman Sachs

Maurice Ways, ESPN

Taylor Wells Maberry, Covington & Burling

Jordan Zelik, Chicago Fire

Advisory Board

Partners & Supporters

New Visions for Public Schools

As with the 98 other New Century High Schools founded by New Visions with support of the Bill & Melinda Gates grant, New Visions’ provides BOSS with leadership and guidance in developing a Career & Technical Education (CTE) small school, that balances rigor, professionalism, and a nurturing environment. BOSS is a member of the New Visions Affinity Group.


BOSS has an Academy of Finance (AoF) with National Academies Foundation (NAF), which sets up internships and other work-based learning opportunities for students. In 2021, BOSS was awarded Distinguished Academy status.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

BBBS has run multiple cohorts of mentors for BOSS students since 2013 with American Express, Snapchat, CBS Sports, and the NFL.

Borough of Manhattan Community College

BMCC is our CollegeNow partner, so BOSS juniors and seniors may take classes for college credit, both at BMCC and on our campus.

CollegeBound Initiative

CBI, a program of Student Leadership Network, empowers young women and men to realize their higher education and life potential by placing full-time college guidance experts in high-need public schools. CBI counselors maximize students’ college awareness, access, and financial aid awards.


iMentor builds mentoring relationships that empower students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. Students work with their mentors one-on-one, in-person and online, to develop strong personal relationships, nurture a college aspiration, navigate the college application process, and build critical skills that lead to college success.

Virtual Enterprises International

BOSS students fulfill the Virtual Enterprise (VE) program sequence, which offers students a full CTE Entrepreneurship curriculum that includes industry certification in Microsoft applications, national and international expositions, in-depth business simulations and competitions, and college-level business classes, culminating in a New York State endorsement in Business and Marketing.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

BOSS students will take Entrepreneurship their junior year. NFTE provides lessons, activities, field trips, guest speakers and competitions associated with the course. NFTE's mission The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's mission is to provide programs that inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, to recognize business opportunities and to plan for successful futures. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS)

Current 10th, 11th, and 12th graders are part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Workplace Mentoring Program. Students (Littles) have mentors, (Bigs) from CBS, Snapchat and the National Football League (NFL) that they meet with twice monthly.


PENCIL matches business volunteers with public school principals based on backgrounds, interests, and goals. Partners are then empowered and supported to develop solutions that transform their schools. BOSS is partnered with Morgan Stanley and has developed a career readiness program for juniors and seniors.

BOSS has also received financial support from the following organizations: 

Partners Supporters
Student Body

Opportunities to Help

This New York City public high school is based on authentic curriculum and activities that reflect the demands of the sports management and media community. Here are some examples as to how you can participate.

Click the button below to send us how you want to connect with our students!


Business sessions held to familiarize students with sports businesses and organizations.

Host a Field Trip or an Internship at your Organization
Our students would like to spend time seeing what your business does, for an afternoon or for a few weeks.

Host a Field Trip at your Business 
Host a teacher in your organization so they may gain a further understanding of "real world" practices. 

Join a Power Lunch
An interactive brown bag lunch session held at the school with students to discuss current topics in business, media, and entrepreneurship.

Be a Guest Speaker
Talk with students about aspects of your business that relate to the subject of their class projects.

Get Involved in Projects
Collaborate with a faculty member to create projects in your area of expertise. Work with students to stretch their thought process as they work on problems related to your field.
• Catalyze teamwork among students
• Evaluate results and provide feedback

Support us Financially

And of course we always accept donations. Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to BOSS.

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