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Career & Technical Education (CTE) 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

BOSS offers a Career & Technical Education (CTE) Pathways in Entrepreneurship (Virtual Enterprise) and Business Administration, General. Students who complete the sequence of courses and pathway requirements graduate with New York State Endorsement in their pathway on their diplomas. This endorsement attests to colleges and employers your mastery of professional and technical skills in the field of Business.


The Entrepreneurship and General Business pathway prepares students for a variety of college majors and professional tracks, including:

  • Advertising

  • Communications

  • Finance

  • Law

  • Marketing

  • Operations

  • Accounting

  • Hospitality

  • Education

  • Sports Management

  • Technology

  • Mgmt. Consulting


The BOSS program has post secondary articulation agreements with Long Island University, Monroe College of Business, St. Joseph’s College, and Borough of Manhattan Community College to provide students who complete the BOSS program with up to nine college credits in business, entrepreneurship, accounting, finance or marketing. 


The requirements of the Entrepreneurship (Virtual Enterprise) and Business Administration pathways are as follows:


  1. Sequence of Entrepreneurship and Business classes of at least 7 credits:

Grade                                                Course                                                   Work-based Learning

9th grade:

Career & Financial Management (CFM): CFM teaches the knowledge and skills needed to plan your career and gain the competencies needed for success in the workplace and demonstrate financial literacy through real-life classroom activities.

Students are invited to attend a series of industry speakers in the school and many students attend at least one workplace tour. Career & Financial Management introduces students to the CTE sequences.

10th grade:

Business Technology Applications: Students master presentation, data analysis, and word-processing skills to qualify for office-based internships in businesses and complete CertiPort Microsoft Office (MOS) certification exams in three applications: MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint, so that students have the computer and word-processing skills to qualify for office-based internships. 

All students attend a continued series of industry speakers and at least one workplace tour (as well as one college trip). Computer Applications course includes projects evaluated by industry professionals


Students who complete all three certifications are able to use those CTE certifications for 4+1 Regents credit towards a Regents diploma.


11th grade:

Entrepreneurship: This course works closely with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to lead students through the process of coming up with an individual business opportunity and developing a basic business plan. Students work to refine their idea and their pitch, culminating in several rounds of business plan competitions, with opportunities to present for actual investments in citywide and national competitions.

In conjunction with NFTE, all students are matched with a professional mentor and work closely with a second mentor related to development and presentation of a business plan. The Entrepreneurship course includes an additional series of workplace tours and mock interviews and public speaking events at industry partners. Students begin internships during spring and summer

12th grade:

Pathway 1: Entrepreneurship (Virtual Enterprise) – (CIP 52.0701): Virtual Enterprise: Students run their own business firm, operating each department -- accounting, human resources, marketing, etc. -- independently to complete with other international and national firms.


Pathway 2: Business Administration and Management, General (CIP 52.0201): Sports Management: Students master the fundamentals of the sports industry. Sports and Entertainment Event Planning: This class includes the planning and management of events.

All students are required to complete a Business Administration industry internship approved by the WBL Coordinator. They also continue their mentoring program with the Business professional mentor, and students have the option to extend the mentoring relationship into the first year of college



  1. Work-based Learning Opportunities

●   Industry speakers and Power Lunches -- Sports and business leaders come to BOSS to share their experiences, evaluate projects, and give personal guidance

●   Workplace Tours -- Students from grades 9 to 12 visit professional facilities and offices and meet industry leaders on-site

●   Mentoring – All students are matched with a four-year one-on-one mentor from the business or sports world through iMentor, Big Brothers Big Brothers, and/or Morgan Stanley.

●   Internship -- Completion of a 60-120 hour work-based learning opportunity (paid or unpaid) approved by the Work-based Learning Coordinator


3.      Employability Skills Profile (ESP)

All students grades 10-12 complete an annual ESP at the beginning of each year that includes

their self-assessment of 21st Century and technical skills. CTE teachers then evaluate students 

on those skills at the end of each year.


4.      Technical Assessment (Grade 12)

Pathway 1: Entrepreneurship (Virtual Enterprise) – (CIP 52.0701)

Completion of the NOCTI Virtual Enterprise Assessment in three parts:

A.   Written exam of 80 multiple-choice questions

B.   Performance exam creating a personal budget and other business documents.

C.   Portfolio of high level work including resume/cover letter, business plan, employability profile, career plan, honors and awards, and students’ best work from each academic course.

Pathway 2: Business Administration and Management, General (CIP 52.0201)

Completion of the Precision Sports Marketing exam in three parts:

A.   Written exam of 74 multiple-choice questions

B.   Performance exam creating a sports event promotion plan

C.   Portfolio of high level work including resume/cover letter, business plan, employability profile, career plan, honors and awards, and students’ best work from each academic course.

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