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BOSS and Awesome make Bossome

We had gone over walking off and on the stage about 20 times the day before graduation. When the day finally came, I was all nervous and excited in the inside. I vividly remember going up to the stage and looking out into the crowd and seeing my friends and family look at me with such admiration and humbleness. As I walked across the stage to finally receive my diploma, I couldn’t help but look at the most important people who brought me to the stage in the first place. My teachers. I've never had such great teachers until the day I came into the Business of Sports School (BOSS).

I am currently a freshman at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. Most of the time, I say I got into college because of my hard work and dedication, but in reality it was thanks to my amazing teachers.

At graduation

Support comes a long way in the classroom. From the moment I walked into my high school, I noticed that my teachers wanted to see their students succeed. They all tried their hardest to push us to becoming bright and intelligent young adults. Whether if it was staying at school late tutoring students or coming to support all of us during our award ceremonies, our teachers made everything happen. Among some of the teachers that supported us through the years, one of them was Mr. Dobransky. You see, not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear jerseys. Others were, Mr. Angarola who taught me that you should always love what you do and put on a smile at the end of the day because you should be proud of your work. Ms. McLaughlin who gave me a passion and love for science. Mr. Diem who taught me to always “flex my head”. Ms. Butler who taught me the importance of loving my writing. I can mention many other teachers, but I want to save that for another time.

When I think about high school, I often think about the future upcoming students set to take a seat where I once sat in. In the future, I want them to look back at high school and smile like I always do. In high school, great memories were created, but the best memories were the ones I learned inside of the classroom. When I walked out of high school for the last time I cried. I cried because I was proud of the person I’d become and the person I’m capable of being, but it was all because of them. My teachers aren’t teachers anymore, they’re more like my family. To all my teachers I just want to say, thank you for always being the best and for creating such a great student. In the future, I plan to give back just like all of you did.

As important as teachers are, not much of them are given credit for the outstanding work that they do everyday. My teachers are all “bossome”.

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